Monday, October 15, 2012

Skyfall - Complimentary Brioche Lace Scarf Pattern

Earlier this year I splurged on one skein of Artyarns Mohair Splash - a magical, blue tonal blend of silk, mohair, silver Murano glass seed beads, and tiny sequins.   Usually I can resist the temptation to acquire only one skein of a delicious yarn when I have no plan of how I'm going to use said precious fiber, but this time, my will power failed me (like you've never been there?).

As beautiful as this yarn is, finding an appropriate use for just one skein does pose a few challenges.  First, one skein yields 165 yards of fingering weight yarn. Consider that most adult scarfs use about 400 yards of worsted weight and you can see the dilemma.  Second, the beads and sequins are arranged in small sections about 2-3 yards apart, so I had to be mindful to make sure the beaded sections would pool in a pleasing arrangement.

I swatched different versions of brioche patterns in sock weight yarn and large needles, and I worked up a combination that I thought would be perfect for this yarn.   Yes, brioche stitches are notorious for using up a lot of yarn, but when worked on larger than normal needles, a lacy, open fabric, with greater horizontal spread results.  Fewer stitches per inch means quicker knitting and maximizing yardage.

I have named this scarf  Skyfall.  The .pdf version of the pattern can be found over on the right hand side of the blog in the complimentary patterns section.

I hope you consider working up a scarf in some beautiful Artyarns fiber - the knitting and wearing experience is worth every penny.