Brioche Tutorials

This video demonstrates how to cast-on using the 2-color Italian Cast on Method.  This cast-on creates a very attractive and stretchy edge.  It may seem complicated, but after a little practice the technique will become an easy, quick method for casting on in 2 colors.  And it can easily be adapted to one color. 

2-Color Brioche Rib Stitch
This video demonstrates how to work the Brioche Rib Stitch in 2 colors.  This stitch creates a reversible, textured fabric with a soft,  "squishy" feel.

2-Color Brioche End of Round Transition

This video demonstrates how to manage the end of round transition when working 2-color brioche stitches in the round.  One of the rounds ends with a yarn over that makes for a tricky transition.  This technique helps keep the 2 colors in line without twisting, which makes for a seamless transition at the end of the round.

Single Color Brioche in the round - end of round transitions - Quick Slouchy Brioche Beret

This video demonstrates how to work the ribbed brioche stitch in one color in the round, especially the end of the round transition.  This video is helpful for the Quick Slouchy Brioche Beret pattern.

Italian Bind Off

This bind off technique creates a reversible, stretchy edge that matches the Italian Cast On.  The technique is especially good for ribbed fabric.

Cascade Stitch

The Cascade stitch creates a beuatiful, reversible, highly textured pattern that is perfect for baby clothes or layets.  Once the basics are down, it is as simple as knitting stockinette stitch and works up fairly quickly.

The 2-Color Brioche Honeycomb Stitch

This demo shows how to work the 2-color brioche honeycomb stitch.  The result is a very textured but still drapey fabric that is reversible.  The reverside is a very attractive polka dot pattern.

Adding Beads to the Lake Effect Scarf

This video shows how to add beads to the cascade stitch.  Technique can be used to add beads to any stitch pattern.


  1. I love the Brioche stitch, but my problem is this: when I mess up a stitch, how do I fix it? I've tried several different ways and if you could help me with this, I'd be ever so grateful! Please let me know if you could help me with this. Thanks you so much, Heidi

    1. You really can't, unless the yarn is thick enough to hold it's shape. What I do for Brioche projects is to thread a piece of yarn through the stitches on my needle every 10 rows or so (removing the old when another has taken it's place) That way if I have to frog back, I have a row of stitches that can be easily transferred to a needle.

  2. Heidi - This is a very common complaint about brioche. I will try to work up a post/video specifically about fixing mistakes. I will say that practice and being able to read your stitches are the two most important steps to fixing mistakes. Hang in there, and let me know if you are working on a particular stitch. Sarah B

  3. Thanks so much, Sarah! I had made a few things using the stitch, but just couldn't repair anything I'd messed up. I know what you mean by reading the stitches, just couldn't get the hang of it with brioche. Let me know when you'll get the other tutorial up for the repairs, I'll keep checking back. Is there a way (other than checking back here) to find out when you post it. It would be nice to get an email notification. Oh, by the way, the stitch I was working on was just the regular brioche stitch. I haven't had the courage to try any of the others yet. lol

  4. Do you have the cascade broiche written instructions?

    1. The written instructions are available in the Brioche Nine Patch Blanket pattern - look under the Designs tab.

  5. You are a terrific brioche instructor! I was asked to teach it as I had made a brioche hat a few years ago, so I wanted to have some videos and a book to recommend. Nancy M may be the guru but her book is almost unintelligible for new briochers, and it's poorly organized until you actually know what you want. Your videos, however, are perfect! Clear, straightforward, concise.... Perfect!! Thank you SOOOOO much.

  6. I am knitting the Loose Diamonds Blanket and I have a question. After the second set up row i end up with a row of triplets. The instructions for the next row ay to brk+1 (knit 1 st and 2 yos), and then yfsl1yo and continue to the end. When doing the second stitch, am I supposed to knit 2 together instead of one so I can get to the next 'st and 2 yos' or should I just knit 1? As this is instructed to be in the CC and we are slipping a MC stitch, what should the color pattern be on the needle? I was getting 1 MC st to every 3 CC stitches. Was that right? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm intrigued by the pattern and really want to work it up! Thanks.

    1. Hi, sorry you are having an issue with that design. As it is a paid pattern, I'd be more comfortable helping you through email rather than posting instructions on this page. That might be confusing for other readers. please email me at and I will help you anyway I can.

      Sarah B