Plain Ol' Knitting Tutorials

These videos demonstrate some of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

Long Tail Cast On Tips

Built In 2-Color I-Cord Edges
This video shows how easy it is to create a beautiful, finished 2-color i-cord edge.  This technique is especially useful for mosaic patterns worked flat where the yarn color changes every 2 rows and the yarn has to be carried up the edge.  The i-cord edge is stretchy and completely hides the yarn changes on the sides of the scarf.  

Single Color Built-in I-Cord edge

Tips for working the built-in I-cord edge with a single color when working with 2 or more colors. 

The Trick Play Technique - and special trick for easy long tail cast on.

This video demonstrates the "Trick Play" technique, which is a neat way of creating ridges of stockinette and reverse stockinette without ever purling.  A little bonus is provided to show an adaptation for the long tail cast on that not only eliminates the guess work behind how long a tail to use, but also eliminates any yarn ends to weave in, and finishes with two strands in position to begin working the trick play technique - this trick leaves me with a smug sense of satisfaction every time I use it.


  1. WOW, that is absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much. I will often use that technique. The spooky thing..I was just about to google the Russian join but thought to watch your video first out of curiosity...two birds with one stone!! Thank you.

  2. Verdigris, you are awesome!

    I have been struggling and struggling to figure out a nice edge for a blanket (number two of my own design). I knew I-Cord is what I wanted but didn't want to add it on afterwards as I did with the first. Might as well weave in ends for the rest of my life!

    Your Built-In-I-Cord is the PERFECT answer to my dilemma. I have already swatched it to prove to myself that it does work and that I like it. It passed with flying colors.