Monday, November 19, 2012

Chicken and Waffles Stitch

There is a commercially available, machine made cowl (I think from the Gap) that has been making the rounds on the Ravelry forums under the heading "WHAT STITCH IS THIS?"  

Took one look and knew it was a tucked brioche variation - and I couldn't resist swatching right away to duplicate the look. 
Here's my version of the stitch - I call it Chicken and Waffles  - one side looks like a waffle stitch (bulky yarn) and the other side looks like chicken tracks (to me anyway). 

My version is a variation of brioche rib using a fingering weight sock yarn and a bulky yarn.    It's fun and fast once you get the technique done and the resulting ribbed fabric is really cozy yet sporty.

I use the brioche terminology developed by Nancy Marchant in her book, Knitting Brioche.  See below for the non-standard definition - let me know if something isn't clear.  Worked flat, using US size 9 needles

Cast on odd number of sts in fingering weight (fw).   This includes 2 edge sts kept in garter.
Set up Row (fw) - p1, (k1, p1) to end
Row 1 (bulky) - k1, (sl1yof, k1) to last st, k1
Row 2,(bulky) - k1 (sl1+yof, p1) to last st, k1
Row 3 (fw) - k1, (brp+1, sl1yof) to last st, k1

Row 4 (fw) - k1, (k1, brp1) to last st, k1
Rep rows 1-4

I think I will go down a needle size or 2 next time.
Sl1yof - slip 1 st purlwise, take working yarn over the right needle and back to the front.
Sl1+yof - slip 1 st purlwise and the yarn over wrap from the previous row, take working yarn over the right needle and back to the front.
Brp - brioche purl - purl together the slipped st and the yarn over wrap from the previous row.
Brp+1  - purl the slipped st and the 2 yarn over wraps from the previous row.
I will be developing a cowl pattern for this that is worked in the round.  Here's the inspiration cowl that got me started.


  1. have you finished the pattern for this?

    1. Just finished the test knitting; pattern will be available shortly

  2. I have been obsessed with this cowl! Thank you so much for posting this!