Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time to Punt or Fake the Kick?

Running into a problem with the Thankful sweater.  I'm pretty sure that I am going to be about 1 skein short on yarn if I stick with my original plan.  Mr. Verdigris Knits does not understand how this can be the case when there is a room full of yarn upstairs.  Oh if only there was something I could substitute. 

But substitution of a different yarn just isn't an option with this sweater.  Adding in another color would overly complicate this design I'm afraid.  So that is off the table.  I could shorten the ribbing at the sleeves, but Ive already shortened from 7 to 6 inches, and I don't want to compromise the sleeve design by making the ribbing any shorter.  So no relief there.

Looks like it's 4th down and I'm looking at having to punt - having to order more yarn, but I'm not certain I can get the same dye lot, and I don't think I can get it here in time to finish by the end of the month.    Might be time for a fake kick.....redesign the sweater, without having to reknit what I've already worked up so far.

Here's the play: the body was going to be attached to the top so that the front edges met at the center of the neck.  But maybe the front edges don't have to meet, maybe I can leave a 6 -8 inch gap at the neck.  That would save me about 8" of the body, which might just be enough. 

I need to make another adjustment if I go through with this change.  If the body is not going to be attached to the neck edge anymore, then that edge is going to need some stitch pattern other than stockinette or it's going to roll'em, roll'em, roll'em.  I think a 4 stitch border in linen stitch will create a nice, firm, flat neck edge. 

Never did like to punt, so I'm going for the change up.  Back tomorrow with a report on how it goes. 

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