Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankfully It's Working - But I Need Some Input

Yesterday I posted about having to adapt my design to accommodate a yarn shortage.  Note to self, from now on - promise me you'll buy one more skein than you think you'll need.

Happy to report that the adjustments are working out.  To be clear "working out" means:
  • I'll be able to complete a sweater with the amount of yarn I have on hand
  • The sweater seems to be on track to be complete before the end of the month
  • Only a slight compromise on the design with sleeve ribbing 1" shorter than intended.
  • Neck adaptation actually lies better than my original idea.
One issue still to work out is the best way to join the two Top/Sleeve pieces.  I think I will graft the two together on my version.  So I've made the Right Sleeve piece longer than the Left Sleeve; the Right piece contains the entire back neck opening.  I did this because of the linen stitch border on the back neck.  If the two pieces were equal in length, then the join would occur at the center back - right in the center of my impromptu linen stitch border on the neck edge. I did not want to graft linen stitch, even if it is only 4 stitches.  This way, the Left Sleeve ends right after the decreases so I can just graft stockinette to stockinette. 

But I wonder how many of you will want to graft these pieces together?  Would it be better as a 3-needle bind-off or just bind off and seam the two pieces together?  Which would you prefer?

Comments welcome - help me develop a pattern that you'd be happiest working up.

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