Monday, August 16, 2010

Year of the Pig - Indiana Style

It's fair time here in Indianapolis.  Annual rite of rides, animals, elephant ears, fried anythingyoucanthinkof, and this year's new treat - chocolate covered fried bacon.  Yes, it's the year of the Pig at the Indiana State Fair.  We live within biking distance of the fair grounds.  We love the fair.  We visit frequently.  Our visits always start off the same... first we hit the dairy barn for a milk shake, then right over the the pig barn to see the world's largest pig, and yes, the world's second largest pig.  They always make me regret the milk shake.  Then we stop at the pens with the litters of piglets that you can pet.  That is my favorite fair experience - although the chocolate covered bacon is nudging right up there - is that so wrong?

In honor of the pigs at this year's fair - here is Penelope.  The latest iteration of the star shaped figure.

The pattern for Santamigurumi is being test knit by three wonderful volunteers over in the pattern testers group in Ravelry.  And my good friend Mary from the barn also test knit it for me.  So that pattern should be available in a week or so. I'm also working on some other holiday figures.  Fun and fast, the shape is just addictive.

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