Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Place like the Big House

Over on Ravelry, the August challenge for Project Yarnway is "Back to School."  No kids here, and school is a distant memory for me, so Back to School time for me means the return of glorious, wonderful, colorful, exciting college football.  I'm a Wolverine - even in the not so good times.  College football to me means "Maize and Blue" "Go Blue" and of course "the Big House."
Michigan Stadium Photo from
So for my challenge design, I'm working on a stadium blanket.  At first I thought about doing some quick, super bulky slip stitch plaid design.  Quick, easy, fun, simple.  But then things went horribly awry.  I got the bright idea to try to knit the big house - it was a crazy idea that should never have materialized  - but it did.  Now, I'm realizing just what an undertaking this is and how there's a pretty good chance I won't finish.  The process however has been fun so far. 

I knit the field in the round with a steek - that's done now.  I have hand dyed yarn in my favorite maize and blue colorways to simulate the crowd.  My problem is now how in the world to finish the crowd section in less than two weeks.  It's going to be over 12 square feet of knitting.  Even with bulky weight yarn, even with garter stitch, that's a ton of knitting.

Go Blue Colorway
Oh well - at least I'll be humming "Hail to the Victors" the whole time.

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