Thursday, August 12, 2010

Introducing Jezebel

I can't stop.  Must. Keep. Making. Little. Star. Shaped. Animals.

Here's my cat prototype.

I have to admit, animal lover that I am, I have never owned a cat.  But DH's family had several growing up, so "Jezebel" is named in honor of one of his cats.  It was either that or "hooker" who was so named because she had six claws on each paw - not whatever else you might have been thinking about an entrepreneurial cat.

Really have to work on my embroidery skills - but I am having a blast coming up with these little guys.  Jezebel is made from the Brown Sheep Company's Lamb's Pride Worsted.  Just love that yarn.  Even this shade of near white felted well.  I used my microwave technique - just uses a cup of water.  The first half of what I hope will be a pig is on the needles.  And I'm taking requests for the next one - any ideas?

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