Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That Lying Swatch

Last night I cast on for the cuff of the Thankful sweater sleeve.   Faithfully cast on 72 stitches based on my trusty gauge swatch and proceeded to get lost in 1x1 ribbing  OK that's another lie - I don't know anyone who gets lost in ribbing.  Most just slog through it hoping to get to the other side before the desire to stab oneself with the needles becomes overwhelming.  I digress. 

Anyway,  1 inch into the cuff and it's looking a wee bit large.  More like two arms could fit in there.  How did that happen.  Still not sure, only I just knew that ribbing swatch I posted about a while ago was just too stinken' small. 

Ripped and cast on 48, and it's looking much better. 

Amy Detjen said that "swatch" was Scandinavian for "lying bastard."   (actually I think she credited someone else, but I can't remember who now.  Funny but oh so true.

Tomorrow is the big Exothermic Vest reveal in Knitcircus Magazine, Issue #16 - check back in the morning - there will be photos!

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