Monday, December 13, 2010

Midwest Freeze

Wow - we are in the midst of a winter freeze here in Indiana.  We didn't get as much snow as our friends to the north and west - but it's still really cold, especially with the wind chill.  I always feel for the animals this time of year.  Our little beagle is lucky to be snuggled up in blankets and has knit sweaters to wear when she goes outside.  Actually, I don't think she appreciates the sweaters at all - but it makes me feel better. 

Amazing how nature provides for those that live outside - I snapped this picture of a pair of doves sitting outside the kitchen window.   They must be puffed up to twice their normal size. 

For those of us that knit - this weather only makes us want to knit more.  Even though there is so much to be done with the holidays and end of year work stuff, I find that my needles are never far away.  I cast on another Quick Slouchy Brioche Beret (see complimentary patterns on the right side of the blog) last night and finished it early this morning.  This time I used Brown Sheep's Lanaloft bulky in colorway Cherry Splash.  It's 100% wool and produced in the US.  There are tonal variations in the red - which just looks great in the brioche fabric. 

It's not quite as soft as the Malabrigo Rasta, but plenty soft enough, and slightly more economical. I estimated that I used just a little more than half a skein.  So if you were really judicious, I bet you might be able to get 2 hats out of one skein.  I'm going to use the remainder with another skein to develop some kind of cowl or gaiter in more open, lace like brioche stitch.  Maybe a true mobius.    More next time.

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