Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ack - mistake in Twisted Loop Double Knit Duster Pattern

Thanks to some heads-up knitters over on Ravelry - I was alerted today about a mistake in the worsted weight version of the Twisted Loop Double Knit Duster Pattern.  Row 1 should read:

Row 1 (front/ loop side): K1, (Syf,TLS)5, K1, TLS2, K1, TLS2, K1, (TLS, Syf)5, K1.

The original version was missing a pesky K1 after the second set of TLS2.  RATS!.

The post and the pdf version have been corrected - my sincere apologies for any trouble this may have caused anyone. 

Here's my pledge that I will never issue another pattern without someone else test knitting it first! 

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