Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Pattern Release - Key to the Mint Cowl.

Well, this one has been a long time coming!  The pattern for the Key to the Mint Cowl is finally available here.  And I want to give a big shout out to the following Ravelers who gave the pattern a test run: sgraham, Angie19 and KNITnGLO.    You can see their projects linked to the pattern on Ravelry.

This is another tuck stitch design.  The cowl is worked in the round and represents a convergence of two techniques: slip stitch mosaics and brioche/tuck stitches. Even though the cowl looks like it is worked using a stranded method, only one color is used at a time. The results create a reversible fabric with fantastic drape and none of the stiffness that often occurs with stranding. One side looks like traditional stockinette, but the fabric does not roll. The other side reveals a textured effect, as shown in the photo below, with no loose floats.  This unisex cowl is very warm, yet lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

I'm currently working on incorporating the stitch pattern into a sock design.  The tuck stitch method is perfect for socks as there are no floats on the inside, and there aren't the same tension issues encountered when working a stranded pattern.   Stay tuned.  Feel free to comment below if you would like to test the sock pattern when available.


  1. Hello Sarah, I'd love to buy that design but couldn't find it on your website.

  2. Hi Simone - here is the link to the pattern: