Thursday, July 14, 2016

How I roll

My knitting tool kit
So the travel for work continues.  Air travel in the summer (ok, really pretty much anytime) requires a zen level of patience.  I survive by knitting. I make room in my carry-on for a small project, always worked on circular needles. If you’ve ever had a dpn go rolling down the aisle of an airplane…..circulars are the only way to go for me now.  And I carry a very small to-go kit with the bare essentials.

I salvaged one of those little cases for eye-glass repair kits, and my small embroidery scissors fit perfectly, along with a yarn needle, the doohickey for my interchangeable set, and a couple of paperclips that do double duty as stitch markers, or marking my place in a pattern. I carry a small journal and my needle gauge and ruler stays slipped under the closure band.

I've never had a problem with security or airline crews - but always check with the airport and airlines, as some have restrictions that prohibit knitting on board. 

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