Sunday, February 5, 2012

Having a Super Day

Today is the day!  Today, Super Bowl XLVI will be played here in Indianapolis, capping off a 10-day celebration that has highlighted all the great things about our city.

No doubt if you watch the game, or follow any of the news stories about the event, you'll see that one of the hits of the event is the Super Scarf.  A call was sent out 2 years ago that 8,000 hand crafted scarves would be needed to outfit the volunteers of this event.  As of last count, 13,000 had been turned in.  

I've had a blast walking around town looking at all the different scarves - so many wonderful designs.  This gallery features some of my complimentary patterns, created specifically for the Super Scarves effort.  These patterns are available on the right hand side of the blog.   Enjoy the game and come see us in Indy if you have the chance (great yarn stores and another "little" sporting event known as the Greatest Spectacle in Racing in May).