Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lake Effect

I spent last week working in Ohio, and three of those days in Columbus.  You might think that would tough sledding for a Michigan Wolverine, but really, I love Ohio - the State.   Beautiful, pastoral, rolling scenes, and if you are in the northeast corner, east of Cleveland, in the winter  - snow.

While on this trip, I was working on another Brioche Nine Patch Blanket as a Christmas gift, and wondered how the cascade stitch would change if I stacked up the "cascades" instead of staggering them.  I swatched up with a couple of different versions of the number of "yarn over" rows and came up with following arrangement that I like - of course, you could vary not only the number of rows, but also the number of plain stitches between the "cascades".

Here's the pattern worked up in a couple of different kinds of yarns.

If you have a skein of lace weight, you could work up a lovey scarf in no time - it's a quick knit once you get the hang of slipping the stitch combined with making a yarn over (a common brioche movement).   Take a look at the "cascade stitch" video if you need a refresher.

I'll post the pattern later this week. 

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