Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Secret Squirrel Mission

Not really secret, but I just love that phrase.  Here's a quick project and a little break from the Thankful Sweater monologues...

I used left over wool and alpaca yarn scraps that I had been saving (the tails cut off projects, etc) and felted them into little round shapes. I did the felting by hand in the kitchen sink, but I know there are other ways to felt several of these at the same time - just google. Used some fabric glue to attach these to acorn caps I collected on a walk over the weekend.  I may drill holes in the stems so I can hang them.

Happy when I can use up scraps this way. However, no one is happier than Mr. Verdigris Knits to see these scraps be put to better use. Every time I stash away some little odd bit that would normally be thrown away, he rolls his eyes. He is terrified that I'm turning into a hoarder. Actually, he may be the only thing keeping me from going there!

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