Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Trick Play - New Complimentary Scarf Pattern

I promised this pattern a few posts back.  It took me a little while to finish the scarf as some other contract knitting took priority.   But here it is - the last of my super scarves - The Trick Play.  The pattern is posted over on the right side of the blog under the Complimentary Patterns sections.

Have to say, I really love this simple little pattern for both its ability to create that state of zen that working all knit stitches can do for me, but also for the wonderful fabric that is created.  This scarf has so much more drape and visual interest than just garter stitch.  I hope you give it a try.

For my scarf, I decided to knit half the scarf widthwise (cast on the short side) and half the scarf lengthwise, (cast on the long side).  I wanted to add visual interest by having the the stripes run perpendicular to each other as the ends hung down.   To get this effect, I just knit half the scarf each way and then seamed the two halves together .  My mistake was in starting with the widthwise section first.  I was then committed to knitting a fixed number of rows for the lengthwise section to match the width of the other section, and I came dangerously close to running out of yarn.  A better choice would be to knit the lengthwise section first to establish the width of the scarf, and then just cast on the widthwise section to match the established width and knit rows until there is no more yarn.  I bet you wouldn't have made that mistake!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Becca for being a willing model.

And a shout out to all the other Super Scarves creators - we've topped 10,000 scarves with still more than a month to go.  WooHooo!

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