Thursday, August 5, 2010

Santa Amigurumi and friends

I've been working on my Santamigurumi design some more.  Made him again with worsted weight and this time also came up with a little knitted, felted beard.   This one is about 5 inches across and takes about 45 minutes to knit up the body and another 15 for the hat.  He can be sewn up in just a few minutes because the felt fabric hides stitches.  Just a quick whip stitch around with sewing thread and he's done.  I'm having the pattern test knit right now - still looking for voluteer test knitters, so let me know if you are interested.

So as I was stitching on this little guy, I got to thinking what else could I do with this shape.  With just a little sketching, I came up with a few more ideas to make just some slight modifications.  Here's the first derivation just off the needles today - Patches the felted dog. 
 Not the best shot but you get the idea.  This knits up almost exactly like Santa, except I added the ears as I was knitting.  Still one piece with no seams, still easy peasy, and still really fast.  Let me know what you think.  I'm thinking of combining all the options into a e-book.  Haven't done that yet, but it could be the right option.  I've only jotted down some notes for the dog derivation, but if you want to test knit him, just let me know.  Any feltable wool will work. 

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