Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February's Change - and the Swifty

The small change for January (composting) is taking hold with the family - even the dog seems to be in favor.  The kitchen container with the biodegradable bags and the carbon filter really is odorless and messless!  Still having to watch the automatic trash response, but it really doesn't take too much to get into the habit. 

We have a small yard with no real areas where we can tuck away a compost pile - and lord knows keeping the beagle out was going to be a challenge.  So we invested in a compost tower from Gardener's Supply.  It's made of sturdy recycled plastic and promises to be low maintenance. 

So for February, we going to try to reduce our dependence on disposable items and use reusables when we can.  Have a generous supply of shopping bags (if I could just remember to take them into the store).  And we found these really neat reusable paper towels at Costco.  And  - really this is not an excuse for more knitting, I swear - making the Swifty from Mason and Dixon's Knitting Outside the Lines.  This is such a fun knit - going to make lots for valentine's day.  Maybe now I'll actually use the swifter duster.  Maybe not.

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